Hunter Interests provides acquisition and development services for the investment community which has included acting as managing general partner for the acquisition, financing, renovation, and development of numerous real estate properties. The most recent acquisition for the company included a $25M portfolio of large multifamily assets in west Texas. The properties were financed and renovated through Hunter Interests with Douglas Hunter serving as managing general partner. The assets were held for several years and then sold to a German equity fund. The most recent development investment of Hunter Interests is the Serene Hills single family lot development in Lakeway, Texas. Hunter Interests is an investor and managing general partner of this development.

The company also provides services for the acquisition and development of other value ad assets inclusive of office buildings, industrial and retail facilities and single family lot developments. This has led to the acquisition and development of over $500M in investments.

Hunter Interests has represented investors in numerous equity placement activities and mezzanine loan investments for new construction developments. Fund placements for new developments have usually been in the $1.5-$10M cash invested range. New developments where equity funds and/or mezzanine debt has been placed have normally been in the $20-$60M cost range and have included new construction in multifamily, student housing, senior living housing, condominiums, industrial properties and finally single family lot development transactions.

Services Include: